Hello! Welcome to the online home of Budd Margolis. Please permit this virtual introduction, I am Budd Margolis, an American TV shopping & eCommerce expert living in London, UK.  I have given dozens of speeches to conferences and Universities and have written well over 150 articles.

I specialise in TV Shopping, Social Media Retailing with video & streaming as well as eCommerce/interactive retail consultancy. Developing, improving, fundraising, industry forensics and expert testimony, available for interim or full-time management expertise for modern retail enterprises (Business Management Consultancy).

I have had the honour and privilege to work with TV and TV shopping channels across some 50+ countries.  Every day I study this industry, research, network and help companies improve sales and profitability.  I still work with suppliers and teach producers and presenters how to sell better by teaching the basics & science behind modern TV shopping and interactive retailing.  Empowering people with knowledge and experience makes a big difference in attitude, moral, confidence and innovation.  

Take a look at my latest articles on my Linkedin page which is more current: https://www.linkedin.com/in/buddmargolis

As the world's digital communications converge and mashup, every company will have to use video to reach customers.  Years ago Barry Diller said there would be a 100 shopping channels, I said there would be 500.  Today I know every channel will use video to sell across all platforms anytime, anywhere. You could say there will be 50 million+ shopping channels but why limit our future vision?

I hope you enjoy my website, why not look at the services offered and get in touch.

Thank you.

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Getting British Business Online
Budd Margolis,
19 Jan 2012, 02:03